Survivor Characters And Their Abilities In Identity V

Identity V contains the number of characters to be chosen as a survivor. The aim of each survivor in Identity V is to try and escape from the locations where they are trapped. You have to follow different strategies to keep yourself away from prying eyes. On the other hand, a hunter is always ready to find and chase the survivors in the game.

The survivors in Identity V have their set of abilities that work effectively in hiding and escaping them from the hunter. Let’s learn about some survivors and their abilities which will help you to choose the best based on your preferences and the abilities of these characters and get the final victory.

If you have not got Identity V till now, here is the way to get Identity V on PC and on Mac

Survivor Characters In Identity V

Emma Woods

Emma Woods has gardening skills and put the main focus on improving this skill. She always carries her toolkit which she uses to destroy rocket chairs. No matter how active are the rocket chairs, she increases her destroying speed accordingly. She also has basic repair skills, which never let toolkit to deplete when it is used. Her knowledge regarding the structure of rocket chairs makes her confident and decreases the number of rocket chairs by 10%.

Survivor Characters And Their Abilities In Identity V

Kreacher Pierson

Kreacher Pierson is a thief in Identity V gameplay having various abilities which can be used as a survivor character. He had handed over his business and land to the church looking for a place to open an orphanage. You can see him carrying a flashlight all the time and he has the ability to injure hunter by shining light on him. He has a flexible body which helps in increasing obstacle vaulting speed by 15%.

Helena Admas

When Helena Admas was just 1 year old, she lost her vision as a result of illness. But her will-power and positive attitude made her able to learn how to read and write with the support of her parents and a tutor. She has a powerful echo ability which helps her in detecting the location of the hunter using the sound waves of her cane when tapped on the ground. She helps her teammates by determining the hunter’s location. Even though she cannot see, she has sharp other senses which are helpful for other survivors.

Survivor Characters And Their Abilities In Identity V

Margaretha Zelle

Margaretha has strong dancing skills and is highly used to live a good life. After losing her husband in an accident, she lost all financial security as well. Though she does not know how to make a living, she understands the meaning and importance of freedom. She has a music box which can play two different types of music. The actions of survivors and hunters within the hearing range of music results in increasing or decreasing their speed based on the played music. The duets of Margaretha never get affected by slowing music.

Norton Campbell

Norton is a reserved and gloomy survivor character. He obtained a meteorite magnet from a terrible mining accident which changed his mind and chosen to become a geological surveyor. He always carried his meteorite magnet with him and used to throw it to a specific location which attaches the nearby players to it. The repulsion and attraction depend on the polarities of the players.

There are many more survivor characters out there in Identity V. So, to have the right choice, you must have at least a brief information about all or most of them.