Best Alternatives To Identity V

Identity V is a 1vs4 asymmetrical horror mobile game where four survivors with the aim of decoding cipher machine and escaping the manor have to keep themselves away from a hunter whose main aim is to stop the survivors from escaping the manor.

There may be a time when you will become the master of this game and want to try something new. It does not mean that Identity V has become boredom gameplay for you, it means you are looking for similar games where you can use and excel your skills.

Alternatives to Identity V

There may be many reasons for finding the alternative to this amazing gameplay, Identity V.

And In case you are looking for getting it on PC or Mac, here is how to get Identity V on PC and here is how to get it on Mac

Dead by Daylight

This game is one of the best alternatives to Identity V with somewhat similar gaming concept. It is a multiplayer horror game where four players play as survivors and will try to avoid being caught and killed by one another player who acts as a savage killer. How these two types of players go with their roles is all about in this gameplay.

In the horror world, a killer can play as a powerful hunter, petrifying paranormal entity and others, whereas, on the other hand, a survivor has a choice to play either as a team or to go alone.

Dead by Daylight

Age of Heroes: Conquest

This game is a strategic turn-based RPG which involves defeating the enemy hordes using your strategic attacks, by obtaining powerful champions, and best of them is to upgrade your weapons, spells, and abilities. With the death of the King, an age long peace has been disrupted, where you have to prepare yourself to fight against the enemies across a wide range of environments. The focus on becoming the ultimate summoner of this game will take you to the goal.

Age of Heroes Conquest


Angeldust is a game where you have to explore the endless magical worlds and fight with terrifying creatures together with many other friends. You get a chance to unleash your creativity and imagination through crafting wonderful buildings in this adventurous world. Ride your horse, bear or moa, discover and defeat more than 275 different creatures and explore the number of game world wonders. This giant game world has many more to offer, which can only be achieved once you enter this magical game.


Operation: New Earth

It is a sci-fi multiplayer strategy game which involves commanding a highly progressive military facility with the aim of defending Earth from the attacks of hostile alien. You have to uncover advanced technology to make your military stronger and more powerful. Keep in mind that you the last protection hope against the attackers trying to destroy the planet. You as a commander always put his best in planning strategies for retaking and defending the planet. Never let any enemy, alien or hostile human to come in your way.

Operation New Earth

Lords Mobile

This gameplay is about exploring exotic magical lands which have been turned into chaos by scary monsters and powerful enemies. You have to recruit soldiers, choose heroes and warlords, all together fight for conquering enemy kingdoms. Make new friends and jump into a war fearlessly with your military allies and make the best use of your battle strategies to achieve victory in the game. Just build an epic empire.

Lords Mobile

So, next time if you feel like going for something similar to Identity V gameplay, you can choose the one from these alternatives.